There’s Nothing Like Summer

I’m sure a lot of you heard the same thing every year from your mom telling you that when July 4th comes, it’s the end of summer.

I remember this being said and it was just when the summer was really starting. We all rush to enjoy all the fun activities that only summer can provide. Summer entertaining with clambakes, barbaques, summer cocktail parties and picnics on the beach.

One of my fondest memories was being at a concert in Nantucket with hundreds of people all spreading out their picnic blankets on the ground and getting ready to relax into the evening of beautiful music under the stars.

As our group, total novices, began to take our paper goods and plastic containers out of our plastic bags, I watched the group next to us spreading out their colorful blankets with their spread and I couldn’t believe my eyes. As we watched they transformed their area into a magical feast full of exciting melamine dishes, acrylic glasses, colorful napkins, all coordinating the most beautiful look. I was so envious and to this day I often think about that night. It inspired me to change the way I look at a picnic whether it’s in the yard, on a boat, or simply at the beach. It doesn’t matter if it’s two people or a dozen, everything becomes special when we take the time to make it pretty.

There is something magical about decorating your home, dining table, or picnic blanket that changes the mood and is sure to enchant all your family, friends, and guest for any occasion. Summer will become easy to entertain and you might not be able to throw it in the trash, but you’ll be saving our environment while you impress the crowd.




In store now….

Vietri’s newest melamine collection, Lastra Fish.  Can you believe it’s melamine?